Death and Life

It is said that the vibrational frequency of the state of feeling appreciation can change your life, your health and instill instant feelings of happiness. And in setting aside one day a year to remind us to be Thankful is a start.  And what if every morning as the sun rose and every night as the sun set we consciously created a spirit of appreciation that would change our very cells and send them humming and spinning their way toward great joy?


Everyone has something to be happy about. To say wholeheartedly that they truly appreciate.  Good health, a dog that is loyal and accepting of you, a tree in bloom outside in the park, a hand to hold, the man who makes your your coffee at the corner coffee shop.  In the book “365 Thank Yous”  one man changes his life entirely by focusing on his own brand of gratitude and appreciation every single day.


But today, for me, I find myself feeling deeply into a state of full appreciation for life.  As many of you know I am very moved by the teaching of Abraham.  This wisdom is channeled by Esther Hicks who is assisted by her husband Jerry Hicks and has been for nearly 25 years.  Jerry just died last Friday unexpectedly.  It has rocked the lives of countless people and in many was opened my heart even more to how precious life is and how very much each and every person I have close to me needs to be seen, loved and appreciated daily.  His passing gives me the pause I need to focus on what is really important in my life.  Today Thanksgiving has more meaning because of it.


His wife Esther sent a letter that reveals a depth of love about her companion of 30 years that is so profoundly inspiring that I am including it here.  May her gracious writing be an illustration of the depth of love we can attain in all our relationships.


Happy Thanksgiving, Maya


Dear, dear Friends,


Our sweet Jerry made his transition into Nonphysical last Friday. How sweet the Vortex is feeling to him today!


Jerry said to me when we came together over 30 years ago that given the difference in our ages that it was likely “that I will cut out on you early,” to which I replied, “I don’t mind.” His joy of life and continual new discovery of purpose kept his life feeling fresh and we shared such joyous eagerness for life.


Over the years, Abraham has consistently insisted that there is no death. Again and again they have reminded us that there is only life and more life and more life. It has taken me some time to understand this, and I honestly must say I have not yet fully come to terms with it, but I do believe that in what we are calling Jerry’s death he is discovering the next logical step of life that Abraham has always been talking about. And at times I am catching a glimpse of the bigness of what Jerry is feeling and while I am still pretty mad at him for not sticking around longer to surprise and delight me in all the ways he has been doing throughout our 30 years together I accept fully that the next logical step of joyous life for Jerry was to be found in his re-emergence into Nonphysical.


Since 1985 it has been Jerry and Esther and Abraham and I believe with everything that I am that that has not changed. I know that Jerry will continue to be the third powerful point of the triad of Energy that makes up the Abraham experience and I am certain that his new vantage point will be, as it has always been, of advantage to us all.


I know for sure that Jerry will help me, in time, release my own personal resistance to physical death, because I will not be able to maintain that resistance and also play easily with him. And my desire to continue not only my Abraham experience but also my Jerry experience I am certain he will be the catalyst to help me do what Abraham has been trying to help us all do all along.


Once again, Jerry is out there leading the way for me. But the difference this time is that I must find the way. I am not there yet, but it is my absolute promise to myself that I will find the way, because it is the most natural thing in the world to do and because Jerry has provided for me the reason to do it.


I am eager about what is ahead and while I cannot begin to explain or even imagine the details of how it is all going to play out, I am certain that it will be fun.


I am such a fortunate girl, to have been able to play with Jerry and Abraham and all of you for so many wonderful years and I am so eager to continue doing more of the same for many more years to come. I feel certain right now that not only has nothing gone wrong, but things are going especially right. It will be different, for sure, but it will also be very, very good.


I’m feeling such love for you all, and for Abraham and most of all for Jerry. And as I have said to him a thousand or more times through the years, “Well isn’t life just a kick in the pants?”




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