Angels on the Highway

No journey is truly as rich as it can be without the experiences we have with total strangers along the way.  Those “chance meetings”, paths crossing in surprising ways and angels disguised as the homeless man, the bartender, convenience store cashier or the lost dog needing your help, that makes you change course.  These strangers are part of my navigational system as I attempt to live in the flow and they have everything to do with how my river moves.  Every meeting carefully placed on my path by that which is so much bigger than anyone can fathom.  All we need to do is pay attention.

My journey thus far has been a remarkable confluence of meetings that has already changed the course of my plans and my designs of what this year is about.  So, as I can, I want to introduce you to some of the wonderful people who are becoming the “sign posts” along my way , pointing out the possibilities and already etching themselves into my heart.

My new outpost in Asheville fills the senses with the pungent smell of spice and jasmine, is littered with dimly lit nooks with small tables, harem cushions and blazing colors of orange silk and saffron.  Locals are in the shadows, all hiding low whispers of conversations over a pot of tea from the tea bible filled with a hundred teas from all over the globe. I spent hours  in joyful sharing at the Dobra Tea House here in Asheville with a remarkable artist and musician who is inspiring a deeper experience  of my own joyful expression.  Here is one of Richard Gannaway’s many videos from his album entitled “…And Love Rages On“.  Visit his website…be moved, be lite on fire.  As one of the lyrics says “I am another you, and you are another me”.  Oh so true.

And then there is Mary Long, who I do think is very aware of her angelic presence on this planet.  She is motivating me to create an internet presence that is long overdue and is part of a wonderful community here in Asheville that revolves around the Sacred Fire.

Design from the heart. Designing differently in the world. Building relationship. Reaching out. Listening. It’s all about what you bring. It’s all about community. Honoring your gifts. Offering them to the world. {and a little bit of business therapy, too} Communicating in a new way. Connecting. With heart. Believe it.


Updates from the Road

September 15, 2011      Writing this blog has already changed my life.  I found myself moving into thoughts and questions that were not my intention in the beginning.  That’s the beauty of blogging. The very first Blog I attempted was in 2008 as I had moved in to live with my dying Mother and found myself wanting to jump out the window at least ten times a day before I settled into what the Universe was wanting to show me. introduced me to the power of personal experience, the power of the Internet and the open canvas for a writer like myself.

In 2010 I met a challenge of raising money to go to South Africa and study the White Lions of Timbavati with Linda Tucker and in less than one week I had shared my vision, written on the rare opportunity to visit the White Lions and had raised all the money I needed to fly to South Africa, al through the blog  Now I embark on a new adventure and will chronicle it on The Gypsy Life.

I am sitting out on the balcony under trees that are suggesting a storm coming and excited to embark on sharing with you all how a year as a Gypsy is already changing the way I think and feel.  I woke in the night after watching and added a page to this blog called “Yes to 365 Small Steps”.  This commitment to addressing one issue on living a simple, small and sustainable life every single day, for 365 days, will help me be informed, responsible, challenged and personally accountable.  I hope it will be an inspiring and creative journey for you.

This page is devoted to regular updates and you can comment after each post.  All other “Pages” have a comment box only at the bottom of the page for you to scroll down to and share your thoughts. Please do. And Please subscribe to the blog so that you will be alerted when a new post arrives and new information is added to the pages of this blog.