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Thank you for visiting my new Blog.  All blogs are prompted by some personal inspiration and mine is learning from The Gypsy Life .  The political and religious persecution of Gypsies over the centuries is hardly spoken of in our history books.  And I am not writing this blog to be a historian or to educate people about the complex and important history of the Gypsy.  I hope you will do some of that research yourself.

What I am doing in this one blog is talk about how I chose to simplify my life and live a nomads life using some of the values that I personally felt relevant for me about Gypsy Culture:  Passion, Community, Sustainability, Simplicity, Family and Non-Materialism.  That is what this blog is about.  I am simply telling some tales about what it is like to make these choices and navigate the world with very little only to discover so much more.

I have chosen honor the wanderer in me and explore the themes of living from inspiration, navigating from intuition and remembering my heritage as a Scots-Irish descendent. For the past five years I have lived with very little, slept on couches, house-sat for amazing places from Colorado, North Carolina, Washington to Costa Rica.  In my research for freedom, simplicity and inspiration, I stumbled on a piece of information that I had never known about my family.  That the Stewart Clan were nomadic and considered  Highland Travelers.  I had thought that my propensity for moving and uprooting myself every few years was due to living in a military family that moved all the time. “I seem to have it in my blood”, I used to say, and in fact, I have the desire to wander in my “bloodline”. And the old saying is true for me: “All who wander are not lost”.

So, this Blog will follow me in journey, share the history of the Gypsy and propose that we all might learn something from the Gypsy life and it’s simplicity and deep-rooted community. and although these are the more romantic versions of the overall concept of living a Gypsy life I am well aware that the history for too many indigenous Gypsies is littered with pain and persecution.  My page on History of Gypsies is simply the tip of the iceberg of information on the history of Gypsies around the world.  If you have new and valuable information please feel free to send it to me and I will include it on this site.

Gypsies from around the world think small, efficient and communally. Concepts that our various global crises are asking us to revisit.  They carry everything they own with them as they travel. Not something Americans easily wrap around as a concept.  I will  be exploring with you building a tiny home called a Tumbleweed House.  A 21st century Gypsy Wagon of sorts intended for mobility, simplicity, sustainability and a tiny footprint on our Earth.  We are facing questions in our future that necessitate looking at our habit of accumulating things, our isolation from community and from ourselves, our responsibility with natural resources and whether we are truly living an inspired life.  The Gypsy Life can offer some food for thought and some challenges.

Surf the pages here and learn about the Gypsies of the world, about Tumbleweed Houses, about Simple living ideas and about the journey that is unfolding for me as one woman moving through the world.

Please interact with your thoughts and questions, as creating community in this tiny space on the internet is important.


Maya Christobel


I have a rich life.  I have been practicing Psychotherapy for 34 years, I am a Shamanic Counselor and am a published writer and writing coach, also working as a ghostwriter, novelist and screenwriter.  I have been educated at Harvard, explored religion from conservative fundamentalism to pagan practices in Celtic tradition, practice a Buddhist’s heart and a social activist’s passion.  I have been guided by wise teachers from other dimensions for nearly 50 years and have married my psychic/channeled information with my psychotherapeutic work in the world.

And I am now taking time to synthesize all these loves, all these gifts and talents, to create a new direction in my life that will both be more aligned with my deep belief in the need to transform the direction our planet is moving but also create my greatest expression of Joy and Love in my own life.

So, as I look at the life I have created, I feel strongly that it is time to create my life in even greater harmony with my beliefs about sustainability, about responsible living by using resources wisely and the need for interconnected community.  I am traveling the world to find out how others have done just these things, to explore places and people who have simplified their lives to honor the Earth and to understand the ways of the Gypsy that might inform me how to live my life more creatively.

I have two amazing daughters, a faithful and adventurous cat who has traveled with me for the past 16 years and have lived in over 26 places, and a strong community of loving friends who have supported me in this exploration. Having sold most of all that I own, I am traveling light.   I hope to share all that I learn so that those who have similar concerns and visions for their lives might be inspired to take a leap into their own inspiration.  The question for all of us:  “If not now….when?”


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  1. the777man says:

    Maya, I have to say Your name is beautiful. This is Sj and I would love to have you interview me. I tried going to the other two sites, but they just are not coming up today. So I came here and left you a message. I have done some reading on Shamanism, and it is something that I am interested in. Not to the level you have obviously studied it. I have friends who are Pagans and Wickens, and I love to go to some of there healing circles and meditations. I also love to read the Budist ways and adopt them into my life. I work at Radical Forgiveness all the time. I look forward to getting to know more about you, your white lions (beautiful creature) and you gypsy life. I have a bit of the wander in me too.

    Blessings Sj Woods

  2. Bettina says:

    I was wondering if you could help me….. Recently, I found out that I have Gypsy blood, through a DNA test and family history…… I am Italian/Sicilian and Greek….. I am trying to find out information about Gypsies…. and what I should do…. I have always had an interest in Gypsies…. but I cannot find out what I need to know… can anyone help me? I am interested in the beliefs (religious and non religious), culture…. I am completely home-bound, I cannot travel… I have so many questions, and no answers…. I have searched and searched, I feel lost…. I was always an earthy person, believing in the balance of nature and the universe – I was always in the mountains (Appalachians) before I became ill ….. I have been misguided by those who claim to be Gypsy, like that I need to take a Gypsy name, is that true? I appreciate any guidance you can give me…. thank you

    • Hi there….thank you for your post of sometime ago. I have been away from my site till recently when I have come to Costa Rica. I have no information for you on your question. The internet like for you is my only source of research options and Gypsies are hard to find things on. I do wish you luck. Maya

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