The Flow

The progress of our soul is like a perfect poem. It has an infinite idea which once realised makes all movements full of meaning and joy.
Rabindranath Tagore


I have been listening to a woman by the name of Esther Hicks who has been channeling since the 1970’s.  She channels a group of spiritual entities that call themselves Abraham.  The Abraham teaching is recognized world-wide.  I have been channeling since the 90’s and appreciate the elegance and the wisdom I hear when listening to Abraham. Pure and simple lessons that all have to do with living a life of love.

A central aspect to the Abraham teachings is the concept of recognizing whether our life, like a boat, is pointed upstream, constantly pushing against the current of perceived obstacles in a river that naturally flows down stream to the source or whether we have our boat pointed downstream and allowing for the stream that exists with out without our boat, to carry us naturally to our source. The source of all happiness and fulfillment.   An ancient concept that has deep spiritual and personal relevance which I appreciate, as I have pointed my boat onto open water.

In a great book “The Art of Navigation” the author shares a thirty year journey of navigating his Life-boat through the power of intuition and not through mindful, strategic thinking.  Looking and listening for signs, for coincidence and following a “gut” sense of what feels right is a compass for living that most of us do not easily use.  Instead, we have a habit of believing the illusion that we are in Control of our lives, or that perfect planning and execution is the only way to achieve our goals in life.  The idea that if we desire and then feel the joy of that desire, feel the feelings that come when visualizing that desire as reality, is not an easy idea for most of us. We tend to focus on those perceptions that we attach to like not enough money, not enough time, not fit enough or free enough of deserving enough.

I committed to myself to practice living in The Flow this year in a deeper way than I have committed to in the past.  Part of that commitment means that I act on my intuition and my inspiration… immediately.   This blog, The Gypsy Life is the outgrowth of acting on my inspiration and following my intuition to publish something that felt very important to do even though Blogs are an act of faith really.  You don’t know if anyone will be interested, you don’t know who is out their reading your entries and you certainly do not know if it will catch on in time.  You simply faithfully write.

My blog has been up for a few days and I have had many responses, subscribers and I have felt compelled to write every day and have been surprised by what I have been writing much of the time. The flame of inspiration began burning bright.  The blog has generated interest and a lot of energy in only a few days.  Then the phone rang and an author friend of mine from Boston was calling to encourage me to rethink my blog.  She asked if I felt that the content was something I wanted to publish and her question validated a feeling and intuition that I had been having all day. Namely, that my blog was needing to be a book not simply a blog.  I sat with this idea for a while and feel that the blog inspired a larger writing project for me.

So I have acted on this instinct and removed a few of my pages that I will not include in the future.  I will continue to write on this personal nomadic year, include profiles of those I meet along the way that are embracing some of the same intentions and explore the realities of building a movable dwelling.  The blog will continue to be a place to discuss the Gypsy Life, but in a pared down form.

I have felt right and good about this decision.  Acted on it.  Felt peaceful and calm.  And then the phone rang again.  I was extended an invitation to come and meet with the authors of Hay House and celebrate the birthday of Louise Hay in San Diego. This offer is an example of what happens when we align with the flow of our own intuition and inspiration and in that inner alignment we align with the source of all manifestation.  All of a sudden things start to happen to push your boat easily down the river you wanted to go down all along.  Universal validation some would say.

So as any of us lighten our lives, reduce our commitments of energy to belongings, to activities that are not heart-felt, and make room for our own creativity and imagination to inform our lives, the Universe, Spirit, the Source of all our happiness and fulfillment simply become the perfect wind in our sails and everything begins to create the dream we have in our hearts.

As I lingered with the invitation to go to San Diego to meet Louise Hay (founder of Hay House, the single largest publisher of self help books in the world) and have an opportunity to talk with icons in my life, like Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Suzie Orman and Carolyn Myss, I smiled with gratitude as my friend mentioned that Esther Hicks from the Abraham teachings would most likely be there too.  Then I simply laughed at how perfect it all felt.

That night I thought, “Go online and see where Esther Hicks is speaking over the next months”.  I had wanted to go to a one day workshop of hers that she had in every major city in the US.  I thought maybe in my travels she just might be coming to a city I might by “chance” be in.  By chance I said.  So, I saw that she was doing a one day workshop in NYC, LA, Dallas and then Asheville NC.  All her workshops were a day long.  The one in Asheville is two days, at the Biltmore Estates in the building my daughter works in and is….next week.  Just days before I am to go to San Diego.

All of this story is leading to one conclusion that I wanted to share with you on this nomadic journey of mine.  Namely, if I follow the flow of my own spirit, the inclinations and intuitions and gut sense of what is right for me as an individual, then life if not only so much simpler, so much more stress free, but life is amazing.  I just have to get out of the way and say yes. Then watch what happens and paddle.

4 comments on “The Flow

  1. Tracy says:

    Amazing things happening to/for you but not really surprising. I’m so happy to watch a fellow traveler get it right. Worth noting, I have Esther and Jerry in my car as we speak. Can’t wait to hear about your experience. Peace.

  2. Thanks so much Tracy. I smile allot but in most moments it is simply an awesome feeling I have that in truth, life may be far more simple than I have constructed it to be most of my life. I am excited to see what the future brings. Blessings, Maya

  3. matthew says:

    Congratulations again for this new endeavor. I love and appreciate hearing your voice in this post….and look forward to hearing more of your experiences!
    Run, Maya Run!

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