“I’D Like To Move it, Move it” (if I could drive that is)

So, I am counting the emails I received since yesterdays request for a marriage proposal, someone who might have an old Gypsy wagon in the barn, a Mule or anyone who would like to “Drive Miss Maya”.  No takers on the Mule or the wagon, not even one willing to take me in my Rogue to the grocery store, but, I have had six proposals of marriage.  There is just one problem.  I am not a lesbian, although at this moment I could make a great case for considering changing parties, since not one, did I say NOT ONE, man sent me a proposal.  But, six fabulous, interesting, brave and funny women were willing to tie the Knot and go to Idaho with me where it is legal.  What does this say?

Does this say that women are risk takers, creative, spontaneous and ballsy?  Yes it does.  And what does it say about me that not one of my many male acquaintances, lovers or ex-husbands truly were willing to run down the Aisle.  All save one.  But his offer did not seem to me to be a genuine proposal.  It went like this….”What’s in it for me?”  Now I think I could write a treatise on these two very different responses to my possible only option to finally driving.  The option of Get Married, Get a License, Get Divorced option.

I am so happy that from Massachusetts to Washington the women lined up to make me a legitimate driver and the next MRS. ___________.  Get ready gals, one of you lucky ladies may be getting a call from me.  But, for now here is what I know.

That I am appearing in Denver Court via Telephone with my Lawyer standing in for me with the hopes of appealing the un-appealable.  And I figured that before then I would not have the chance to forge a pre-nup so would do well to try to at least really get the Judges attention and create a very special and unforgettable experiences that just might put the judge in my corner.  So I have hired (if I can raise the money) The Voca People who agree with me that I would simply like to Move it and Move On.  Here they are.  Just let me know what you think and if you have any other ingenious ideas.  More to come I am sure,


2 comments on ““I’D Like To Move it, Move it” (if I could drive that is)

  1. Hey Maya,
    Make that 7.

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