It’s Not My Fault

Here in Missouri I am sitting on one of the more important fault lines in the USA.  The New Madrid Fault.  The 150-mile (240 km) long fault system, which extends into five states, stretches southward from Cairo, Illinois; through Hayti, Caruthersville and New Madrid in Missouri; throughBlytheville into Marked Tree in Arkansas. It also covers a part of West Tennessee, near Reelfoot Lake, extending southeast into Dyersburg.  I did not know this until a few days ago as I was standing at the stove overlooking the leaf strewn winter landscape and I realized there was not one bird in sight.

I had been enjoying the abundance of birds scratching through the fallen leaves and the crows in their riotous laughing.  The wonderful little House Wren that occupied the cabin and the predators that soared overhead; Red Tail Hawk and a  Falcon of some kind.  They all vanished.  For two days not one single bird anywhere. We took a Hummer ride up on top of the ridge that looks down on our cabin and not a bird to be seen, as far as the crow flies.  It was eerie.  I knew it was about the Electromagnetic Field changing.

So, I did my research on a break from writing about climbing treacherous peaks in Alaska and learning about how athletic prosthetics are made for a mountain climber like Todd, who, with one leg climbed all 50 peaks in the USA.  I learned that birds disappear when there is seismic activity.  And for the two days they were not to be seen there were a total of 6 earthquakes in Oklahoma just hours from here.

Then I had another aha moment.  I had been sleeping better than I have in years while here at the cabin.  I have not been known to sleep well and get up often in the night to get a snack, to write a little more, to do the laundry or to meditate myself back to sleep.  Here, tucked away in the middle of no civilization, there are no cell phone towers, no electrical city grid, no noise, no pumped up Electro-Magnetic field anywhere.

It is clear that my body knows this and with the lack of chronic EM bombardment, absence of city life with it’s electrical overload and the energy of the masses, my body finally rested from the invisible onslaught.  And all the while the birds knew to just move somewhere else until the onslaught of energy that was being invisibly released from the earth had subsided.  They are back in full force today even with the constant rain and the swelling river.

So here is another lesson from the road.  What we love about technology, what we seem to not be able to do without when it comes to computers, telephones, refrigerators, electricity, noise, cars, generators and wifi, is not necessary what our bodies can tolerate.  We must all ask the question that the birds don’t hesitate to ask:  Why would I subject myself to this chronic invasion of invisible energy when it is simply not good for the one and only body I have been given.  That is the question I ask myself.

I am now listening to the rain on the window and wrapping myself in a blanket as I prepare to write about minus 50 degrees on a glacier up Denali, which means “The Great One”.  My body is very happy to have learned a lesson from the birds and I am now sinking into the lessons that a grandfather mountain has to teach a non climber like me.  What an adventure all the way around.

3 comments on “It’s Not My Fault

  1. Thank you Maya for being open to the lessons and tales that come your way, and for sharing them with us!

    Obviously I am on the ‘puter now, and while I derive great learning from my encounter with these contraptions, I know not all is well with this. How do we bring the connections we feel we are gaining from this e-communing into our lives when we not wired? Will I, within this culture, teach myself to gain more clarity with all that I am uncomfortable with? And really commune?

    • That is the million dollar question. Are we forgetting what “true Human connection” is when we start believing the illusion that our wifi connection is anything other than a bunch of electronics? As you figure out the answer to this new cultural conundrum please write more. I keep waiting for your next blog Matthew. We bloggers need to stick together. Maya

  2. Mariann says:

    Just quit a job that was bombarding me with just that … The office over-lit with florescent lighting, little natural light and more than 60 computers in the same office. The schools were the same. Not a window in a classroom and cool white florescent lights. Talk about stress! Two weeks and I am still sleeping, or trying. Another lesson I learned … when your gut says NO, the answer is NO, don’t do it!

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