Better Days

Happy New Year!

As a movie aficionado, I went to see Gary Marshall’s new feel good movie, New Year’s Eve.  Terrible in so many ways and yet just what the doctor ordered for our new year.  We are coming into 2012 with many fears and trepidation and with global uncertainty.  Personal lives, work and relationships are all being reconsidered and reinvented as we round the bend to this new year.  Yet there are timeless truths that do not change no matter what the state the world is in.

Love Heals Everything

Forgiveness Makes Miracles Happen

And hugs and kisses still change our very cellular nature.

These gifts are free, limitless and needed.  Give freely, spread it around to everyone you know.

And the Goo Goo Dolls say it for us all.

Happiest of New Years.

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