Open the Heart with Music

If you have not heard me say that the Music of AO has changed my life I want to say it now.  I have never encountered a medium that is both heart opening and changing the lives of children in need at the same time.  I am from the 60’s.  The Vietnam war was my backdrop for life.  The Beatles came and changed all us and the way we saw the world.  U2  opened our eyes to injustice and issues of freedom, Madonna bust the sexual revolution wide open.  Music changes people.  Music can also save lives and create hope and love where there has been none.  I want to do that any chance I get!

I am putting my time, energy and money behind a dream that is AO Music. As many of you know, I am a partner with this amazing group and serve on their board.  We are about to comply with being a 501c3 non-profit company and we just raised nearly $30,000 to make this next album possible and to travel to record the  children of Nepal, Germany, Haiti and here in Asheville with the Cherokee Nation Children.  But we need your help.
AO music can change our very cellular health and because the music is dedicated to putting shoes on the feet of children who have none, taking children out of crisis areas and giving them food and shelter and educating the world to our responsibility for One Another, it is a unique paradigm.
AO has been considered for the Grammys two years in a row.  Our next Album to be released in Feb. of next year is near completion and needs your help to birth what will certainly help brand the music, win a grammy and then make the social interventions possible.  This year AO won album of the year for “And Love Rages On”.
I am personally asking for your help in two ways.  One:  Please visit our Kickstarter page where you will hear music, see the children, get to know our musicians at:
Here, you will see what $10 donation will do and in return you can receive a CD and if you are inclined to donate more you can be at our record launching dinner in LA as well as have your name on the new album.  AO will thank you in a myriad of ways so please just browse and see what we are offering you in return for making this dream a reality, for helping children around the world and for changing our planet through music.
But, for me the most important thing you can do is send this to at least 10 people with a lead in sentence from you saying “you support me as someone who you trust and know”.  I depend on word of mouth.  I have built every therapy practice I have had over the past 30 years through referrals and know the power of a reference.  Please take just 10 minutes of your time to send this to 10 people.  I would be so grateful for your support in this way.
And, for any of you that I am sending this email to, if you contribute even $10 dollars to our Kickstarter page then I will personally send you a just released copy of the book I co-authored with Deepak Chopra, Roadmap to Success which you will find on my website,  I believe in this vision that much!  Just a push of a button can have you participate in helping make our world a better place. And I am not a fundraiser.  I am impassioned about something dear to my heart and sharing this amazing opportunity with you.  It takes a village!
So, thank you so much for your time, energy and support.
Blessings, Maya Christobel
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