Where Will You Be on December 21st

DEC 19, 2012

Dec. 21 Planet

I have an opportunity to share with you some of the information I have just received about the days of this week starting on the auspicious Dec. 21, 22 and 23rd.  I hope it will inspire you to step into participation with this historical event instead of what so many are doing is watching and waiting.
We have a habit as humans to spectate world events.  We have a chance as the Mayan Calendar ends and there is a new shift of consciousness on our planet to both effect the outcome and be positively affected by these new energies.  Here is what I want to share with you at this time:
The Shift that will be occurring is an energetic opening.  How that manifests all over the planet is not known yet there is endless speculation.  What is known is that there is a “Window” of energy opening from the center of out galaxy that will magnify the energies that each one of us embodies during these three days.  The energy we focus ourselves on will in fact create a kind of ‘instant Karma’ that will affect the months and years to follow.  If we are stressed, argumentative, uncentered or ungrounded, angry or resentful then that will be the karma that will manifest in kind. But most of all if we live in a place of fear we need to look at why and shift our energy.
What we all are being called to do is embody love, gratitude, sharing, joy and kindness.  Then, what will karmically follow will be “in kind”.  This is a very important time to slow down, focus, meditate, hug our children, give to those who need what we have and connect to others in love.
The events of Sandy Hook may have been part of how we each open our hearts just a little more than usual since broken heartedness leads to far more aliveness and soulfulness.   Let us embrace the changes that are upon us is larger gestures of love than ever before.
Take time for these three days to recalibrate your life to align with the best of who you are.  Then share yourself with everyone. Plan those three days intentionally.  Be with people and in places that make loving easier, that bring you joy and aliveness.
And I received this very helpful email that I pass onto you as we all approach this new cycle that starts this Friday the 21st.
“December 21st, 2012.  The Winter Solstice.  For some of you, a date that has been at the front of your consciousness for quite some time; and maybe for some of you, just another Friday before Christmas.  As someone in the group of the former, it has been a focus point on my path of change.
While my own personal beliefs find importance in honoring this and every solstice, this solstice IS special.  It is special because it is a date that has drawn the attention of hundreds of thousands, hopefully millions of people around the world.
Coinciding with the end of a 5,125 year cycle of the Mayan Calendar, for some it is a meme that means the end of the world, for many more it means the dawning of a new age, and for others it is just another tall tale or something not within their personal radar.
For me, I prefer to focus my energies and consciousness on the dawning of a new age.  And while it doesn’t come from a mystical supernatural force, it does come from the supernatural force that is within us all.  It is something that has been gathering momentum amongst humanity exponentially in the last decades.  It is a shift from a world of separation to one based on oneness.  We see examples of it everywhere, but especially from the increased world-wide practice of yoga and meditation.
So, what does this mean exactly?  If you believe that we shape our own world than I invite you to join us in tapping into the power of critical mass, the power we hold to change the world.  And I invite you to invite your friends and family.
Watch the video introduction to unify.org      http://vimeo.com/55312674
Commit yourself to participation and synchronize with The Unification Moment at 8:00pm UTC  (that is 3pm EST / 1pm MST / 12pm PST) on December 21st.  This time coincides with the Birth 2012 celebrations being synchronized around the world, with Australia being the first continent to receive the December 22nd sunrise, welcoming in a new era.  (http://birth2012.com/)

“Over 80 organizations around the world have come together to organize a unified meditation taking place in hundreds of cities. We invite every yoga studio, every meditation center, every meditator, everyone who’s even thought of meditating to join us for a moment that could change the rest of our lives. Join us wherever you are and organize your own event at unify.org. Already part of an event? Please invite everyone at the event to unify with the rest of the world at 8:00 PM GMT.  The Unification Moment will be 12 minutes of silence, 12 minutes of chanting/singing, and 12 minutes of imagination where we all imagine the world we are inspired to create. All at the same exact time! There are scientists around the planet collaborating to study what impact this meditation may have on our planet’s electro-magnetic field.”

If you have even a speck of curiosity or a bit of wonder about this shift then I gently recommend participating.  Wherever you are, take a minute, or three minutes or twelve and shut your eyes, focus on your breath, quiet your mind.
“The great challenge of our time is to create a global culture that is sustainable, peaceful, healthy, and prosperous.  We can rise to this challenge, just as previous generations have risen to the challenge of their day.”
Where will I be on at 1pm mst?  I’ll be with a small group of friends & family including kids and elders, up in the rocky mountains, meditating in a joined heart space with all of you, my friends & family.
I hope this resonates, and if so, please feel free to forward this on”.
Sharon Joy
Hugging the world

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