Mr. Happy Man

While in Film School I learned a lot about the power of the documentary and the short film.  That feature films are simply one powerful way to communicate.  And then I stumbled on this little 10 min. film about a man named Johnny Barnes, Mr. Happy.  He lives in Bermuda and every day at 2 am he gets up and prepares for his day, packs a rolling cooler with food and water, grabs clothes for bad weather, dons a hat and walks out the door to stand at a busy intersection of traffic for most of the day.  His reason for being there?  To throw a smile, a kiss to every passerby and tell every person on foot and in a car…. that he loves them.  He is in his 80’s.

I want to share this video with you not only so that you can experience the infectious quality of his smile and his loving heart but to pose the question:  What simple act of love and kindness can we EACH do, simply for the joy of doing it?  How can each of us make love and happiness the reason for getting up in the morning and going to bed at night?

Please simply click on the Karma Tube link below to watch.

This is a tribute to our humanity.  Enjoy!  Maya

Video from KarmaTube