Updates from the Road

September 15, 2011      Writing this blog has already changed my life.  I found myself moving into thoughts and questions that were not my intention in the beginning.  That’s the beauty of blogging. The very first Blog I attempted was in 2008 as I had moved in to live with my dying Mother and found myself wanting to jump out the window at least ten times a day before I settled into what the Universe was wanting to show me.  www.theheartspaceblog.com introduced me to the power of personal experience, the power of the Internet and the open canvas for a writer like myself.

In 2010 I met a challenge of raising money to go to South Africa and study the White Lions of Timbavati with Linda Tucker and in less than one week I had shared my vision, written on the rare opportunity to visit the White Lions and had raised all the money I needed to fly to South Africa, al through the blog http://www.whitelionwisdom.com.  Now I embark on a new adventure and will chronicle it on The Gypsy Life.

I am sitting out on the balcony under trees that are suggesting a storm coming and excited to embark on sharing with you all how a year as a Gypsy is already changing the way I think and feel.  I woke in the night after watching http://www.climaterealityproject.org and added a page to this blog called “Yes to 365 Small Steps”.  This commitment to addressing one issue on living a simple, small and sustainable life every single day, for 365 days, will help me be informed, responsible, challenged and personally accountable.  I hope it will be an inspiring and creative journey for you.

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