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Follow your heart

As a modern day gypsy living from pillar to post was not on my top ten Bucket List items.  I had the following dreams instead: I had things on my list like getting an Oscar, writing a bestseller, seeing the caves of Damanhur, going to Antarctica, and winning the lottery, of course.  But I won the lottery the minute I said yes to my heart and left normal life, as most of us know it.

I have been having a life on the road that is dotted with awe-inspiring, jaw dropping beauty, kind-hearted people, challenging culture shocks, language barriers and physical limitations. I chronicle how different I feel when I live in the city versus what my body changes into when I live in the jungle here in Costa Rica. Not a day anywhere is the same as the day before.

I have grown to know two certainties in my life: That all you can count on is change. And secondly, that love is the only real human currency. Money can in fact, not matter. When I can focus on these two things then fear can’t take a foothold. If every encounter I have is rooted in love and each moment of change is embraced then there is no way to contract from what life dishes out on a daily basis. Everything becomes a way of learning about self and other, about having and not having, about what the soul truly needs in order to thrive.

This is why I am a gypsy. I value experience far above stability and job security. As a result, my mind cannot become entrenched in the cultural mind, cannot feed on bad news, or really run the show in my life at all. Living and navigating by intuition and a spirit of “Yes” is a heart-based matter. Living in the heart takes courage and is a bit like “spelunking” into caves that are dark and unclear with the full knowledge that you are tethered to a large Universe that has only your wellbeing and growth in mind.

But one of the hidden benefits of living a nomadic life with few possession and estimating real wealth as beauty, spirit, new friends, new opportunity and an adventurous spirit, is it changes your physical chemistry. The body is not a vehicle just to get me from one country to the next, but is completely tuned to the vibration at which I live when I am inspired and challenged. Those experiences raise endorphins, change brain chemistry, metabolism, and virtually every cell in the body.

Living as a modern gypsy insists on total integration of mind, body and heart humming forward as one unit with the life battery being the soul. I don’t know how I could go back to living any other way.

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Updates from the Road

September 15, 2011      Writing this blog has already changed my life.  I found myself moving into thoughts and questions that were not my intention in the beginning.  That’s the beauty of blogging. The very first Blog I attempted was in 2008 as I had moved in to live with my dying Mother and found myself wanting to jump out the window at least ten times a day before I settled into what the Universe was wanting to show me. introduced me to the power of personal experience, the power of the Internet and the open canvas for a writer like myself.

In 2010 I met a challenge of raising money to go to South Africa and study the White Lions of Timbavati with Linda Tucker and in less than one week I had shared my vision, written on the rare opportunity to visit the White Lions and had raised all the money I needed to fly to South Africa, al through the blog  Now I embark on a new adventure and will chronicle it on The Gypsy Life.

I am sitting out on the balcony under trees that are suggesting a storm coming and excited to embark on sharing with you all how a year as a Gypsy is already changing the way I think and feel.  I woke in the night after watching and added a page to this blog called “Yes to 365 Small Steps”.  This commitment to addressing one issue on living a simple, small and sustainable life every single day, for 365 days, will help me be informed, responsible, challenged and personally accountable.  I hope it will be an inspiring and creative journey for you.

This page is devoted to regular updates and you can comment after each post.  All other “Pages” have a comment box only at the bottom of the page for you to scroll down to and share your thoughts. Please do. And Please subscribe to the blog so that you will be alerted when a new post arrives and new information is added to the pages of this blog.