Practicing Transformation

by Maya Christobel


I am hearing daily from so many people that they are feeling… “different”:  More sensitive, feeling body pains, getting ill, energized for some, sluggish for others. Tired but not sleeping. Overwhelmed but not knowing exactly why. All bodily responses to changing energetic fields all over the planet and in our solar system.  The answer is not sleeping pills or any conventional response.  We need an entirely new perspective.


It is no  longer possible to separate ourselves as if we are distinct from EVERY OTHER THING.  We are being affected daily by our Sun and Solar Flares, by Climate Change, by our Economy, our Friends, our Fears and our Dreams. Greece cannot have economic collapse and create a global fear response and we not feel it on the other side of the globe as we eat dinner.


So, we are being asked, if not required, to take a new position in our lives in order to integrate these new energies that are changing the very DNA of us as a species so that we not become ill in response. This sounds overwhelming and for some it is.  Confusing and it is at times. The natural response to change is usually a kind of “contraction” in our lives, a reactivity to fear, a stepping up of activity and problem solving.  This is no longer working.  The new response to these demands is to…relax.  Breath.  Walk.  Sleep.  Laugh and be in a place of Openness and Love.  Not easy as the lives we live swirl around us and the majority feel massive amounts of fear.


I remember reading about a woman who was attacked by a bear.  She was just in her tent minding her own business when out of left field a bear tore through her tent and began to drag her off to the woods to kill her.  Others had already died.  What she did was counter-intuitive to screaming and resisting.  She went silent and limp. She stopped resisting.  What happened next was astonishing.  The bear dropped her in the woods and walked away.  She was not unharmed, but she was alive.


I am finding that I have the opposite response to mounting tensions in the world, tensions in my life and personal crises.  I am not worrying or trying to “figure anything out”. I am not resisting.  That is very new for me and may have much to do with my choice to begin to live in the flow.  Allowing rather than pushing the river that rushes all around me.  My list of what I think I should do still sits mostly unaddressed as I put on my hat and grab my binoculars and go out to Lighthouse point to watch for the Orcas to come through.  Years ago I would have decided that I was in denial, crazy as a loon, lazy, afraid to face facts if I had done such a thing.  Now I am different.  I feel perfectly centered and none of the traditional triggers in my life that would have sent  me to bed sleepless or with a sore throat and a pounding heart seem to affect me in any of the usual ways.  And that undone list of “necessary responses” is till there and the world has not collapsed around me.  I have not become a bag lady.


The antidote to the psychotic times we live in is not to speed up…but to do exactly the opposite:  Slow down.  Slow way down so that the body can manage the energy that is presenting itself in a hundred new ways a day.  To stop our reactive resistance just like the woman who saved herself from the jaws of a bear.


The second cure for harrowing times is to change your mind.  The mind wants to solve the unsolvable and will use up all available energy trying to.  The way to stop this over-thinking, over-worrying, over-analyzing is to change your thoughts from “I am overwhelmed”, to “I have an opportunity for creativity”.  From “I am afraid”, to “I am practicing love and trust in this process of change”.  What these changed minds mean is that we are finally acknowledging that we are in control of our experience. Fear is the belief that we are not in control. What we intend to think really does change the outcome of our daily experience.


Many people all over the world are talking about the unprecedented times of spiritual, physical and emotional evolution we are in.  From CNN to Psychics we have a delicious array of input to help us navigate our changing times, changing relationships and emerging new world view.  Here is just one piece of writing that I think is helpful. It came to me from Marlene Swetlishoff.  Good, sound and inspiring guidance.


You are in a period of stillness awaiting the influx of greater energies that are soon to flood the Planet. Be receptive and open to these energies and absorb as much of them as you are able. Set your intention to receive in grace and ease and it will be so. Many changes continue to take place within your physical bodies and your DNA is being further activated. The next six months will bring through many revelations and a greater connection with your inner truths. 


Stay connected to your inner core essence and let it guide your way. This will help you to stay in the knowing of yourself and that which is important for you to follow for the highest and best outcomes in all that occurs in your daily living. In dealing with others, always look to meet them in the areas of common interest and endeavor to reflect to them your Light, and in turn, allow their Light to reflect back to you. You are in a period of igniting each other to the unfoldment of greater visions and dreams.


This will transpire in different ways for each of you and the outcomes will be wonderfully diverse as each of you express through your Beings that which is uniquely your own essence. Become each others greatest cheering teams, for much joy and laughter will facilitate the moving forward of each of you to your true and rightful place, as the shift of the ages continues to occur. Let go of all remaining fear and doubt, for all that comes through you is the merging of the higher aspects of yourselves. There will be prolonged periods of the feeling of joy that bursts from within you as you leave all that was behind you.


Stay grounded into the Earth each day as she will support you as the metamorphosis within you continues to take place. Drink copious amounts of fresh, clean water to help facilitate the movements of the new energies coming through you and be outdoors as much as possible. Practice deep breathing exercises each day to help move the new Pranic energies into your cells. Allow the expression of all that comes through you and observe what comes forth. You are reconnecting to skills, abilities and talents that have been dormant for a long time.”    Marlene Swetlishoff


So, in between sharing about my journey on this road I am on, I will be sending up a few flares for your consideration as we all float in this big boat of change.  What an exciting time to be in.


And again, I invite you to share your story with me.  How are you changing and what are you doing about it in your life? What are you learning?  We all need each other, as Marlene said, to cheer us on during this amazing time.


Blessings, Maya Christobel

Letter on Life

My family consists of three women.  My two daughters and myself.  We have faced some extraordinary challenges this past year that require each of us to learn and open to new ways of thinking about our bodies.  We are inspired to ask new and innovative questions in order to address a deeper understanding of how to achieve vibrant health in life.  What an opportunity to be thankful for.  How amazing to be in this dialogue and life with my own children.

And, as any mother will confess, I wake at night feeling the weight on my shoulders to lead the way, to learn and teach by example and to share every little scrap of what I might know with the two people I love the most.

So, I decided to share a letter I sent to my daughters with you.  This letter, from the heart to what I truly believe is about what I believe is at the heart of all our illnesses in life, addressing what is not only a personal journey, but a global moment in time.  Our society is soul sick and we each feel it in our own ways, from constant stress to life threatening issues.  From a feeling of being lost and overwhelmed to coming to the end of life feeling alone.  Each of these experiences lead the way to answers that are essential to continuing life on this planet.

So, here is what I told my daughters.  Blessings, Maya

Dear Ones,

Everything is Energy.  A scientific fact.  Everything being composed of energy means that the shape and form and function of anything is determined by it’s frequency and vibration.  Energy never dies, it only changes.  It evolves. I remember you once said to me when you were growing up, “ Mom, the one thing you told me that I will never forget is that the only thing that you can count on in life…is change”.  I still believe that.

Our physical bodies are changing.  There are important reasons for this and it starts with understanding the concept of Evolution.  Evolution is any change across successive generation.  Let’s just stay general with the idea that we change, the planet changes, thus our cellular makeup and our DNA is affected by those changes and therefore the rate we vibrate changes too.  We are hugely affected by this fact every day of our lives.

Before your grandmother was born, say a hundred years, energy was different. There was no electricity so to speak, no atom bomb having been dropped, no pollution or planes or cars or the grid of technology that surrounds our planet like plastic wrap.  There were far less people, cleaner water and on it goes.  Now, we live under the weight of all that has been introduced to our natural environment and thus to our bodies.  We then do what all living things do. Our bodies attempt to adapt, even when we are not aware of its struggle to do so until we have some concerning symptom that derails us.

But, adaptation to agents that are not at all “real substances” that the body recognizes, (wheat, genetically modified corn, additives, chemicals, car fumes, food pumped with hormones and a complex new electromagnetic grid in life) and the body cannot assimilate these foreign properties and truly create healthy adaptive responses fast enough.

The body sends out a red alert and then an inflammatory response in the form of anger and frustration or allergies and tumors.  Thus, our cells spin differently, the electromagnetic fabric of the heart and the brain is compromised and put under rigorous pressure.  This is called Stress. Our world presents us too much stress to assimilate from the outside and we then generate an inner stressful response of our own. But in the end no one can keep up with the imbalance without acute awareness of how to combat the problem

The stress we subject ourselves to, for many of us who are more sensitive to energy than other people, can create what we call dis-ease, maladaptation, cellular anomalies, and energetic flow issues ( like in acupuncture). The way to handle this inevitability is to reduce, as much as possible, being subjected to these invaders our body does not recognize, giving our bodies more time to truly create a healthier response and have time to recover from all the other stressors.

This downtime that our body needs can be provided through more sleep, more rest, meditation, walking in nature, hugging, kissing and laughing.  But we feel time speeding up and most of the above list of healthful responses are not part of our daily life.  We need to begin to view these measures of self-care as essential as the air we breath.

We feel most of this if we are awake and aware.  Yet, there are two other factors we do not know as much about or take into account in our lives.  First, is the profound effect “place”  and “people” have on our health or lack of it, energetically.  The easier way to say this is that if we are truly all connected, then we ARE ALL CONNECTED to each other’s health or ill-health, positive emotions or negative ones and so on.

We exchange with every person we meet…energy. So, it is safe to say that who you touch, who you live with, have sex with, the emotions that surround you, the positive or negative flow of energy all around you on the streets and in restaurants, has either a positive effect on you or a negative one.  We feed on this energy 24/7, ingest it, become toxic from it and then over time, show physical and emotional imbalances and symptoms.

We in fact may not be the source of the depression or anxiety at all.  We may CARRY that emotion or toxic energy for another person,  like having become a sponge without knowing it.  We must wake up to this reality if we are going to be responsible for our lives, our health and the health of our loved ones.

If we are around positive heart energy with good feelings, our energy will resonate with that energy, we raise our vibrational frequency and we will increase the available energy for happiness and healing in ourselves and for the people and animals around us.

If we are around negative emotions, then the contrast of that energy requires the body and the heart to adjust and if it cannot adjust, then a kind of energetic toxicity builds in the body which over time can be illness and even death.

“Places” have as much toxic energy as people do. Cities have a much more difficult frequency than a country cabin.  The closer to nature the more balance there is.   The question is, are we listening to our body’s feedback on how we feel with any give person or in any given place?  Do we act on that pit in the stomach or that sixth sense that we should not go down a street or take an apartment that simply just does not feel right?

And I hear you say, “impossible to not be around toxic situations”.  True.  But you can choose to minimize those situations and not participate and you can take the time to learn how to both protect yourself from energy that you do not want and to clear it when you have been around it. It is a kind of Good Hygiene that is far more important than taking showers or using soap and water to reduce germs.  Time consuming?  Yes it is.  But, so is all the effort to combat illness, migraine headaches, exhaustion, cancer, or failing relationships. Right?

Secondly, we must as humans take into account that we live in a larger Universe on a planet in crisis filled with fear and collapsing structures. Change of a magnitude we have never experienced is under way and inevitable.  Our planet spins inside of other Cosmic energies and is moving to position itself in the Cosmos where it has never been before.  Earth has compromised protective shields much like our own immune system, and is affected by the energies that every other planet in our solar system emanates. We are not simply connected to one another we are connected to everything, big and small.

Chaos of energy abounds. It clear to most of us that something is radically changing as our planet evolves to higher consciousness:  From hate to love, from exclusion to inclusion from fear to joy.  This is an EVOLUTIONARY leap.  Our cells are trying to keep up with this energetic change and many sensitive people are finding that their bodies are not able to and are producing a myriad of symptoms that our traditional medical system would just like to give you a new drug for.  It is easier to do that than to wake up isn’t it? Do you find yourself more tired, or depressed, having headaches or anxiety for no apparent reason?  Do you forget things or get dizzy and disoriented? These are not necessarily issues of aging or hormones.  These are some of the symptoms that our bodies are out of synch with the changing energies around us.

So, as you look at this historical evolutionary leap that involves changes in our cellular nature and our DNA and if you look at the changed electromagnetic field around us from technology or global warming, you might stop and hit the pause button on life.  If you factor in the unprecedented pollution we absorb through our very food, air and water but then still go along with the status quo to hang out at the bar, to eat junk food, to have your home positioned next to electrical transformers or sit in front of a computer monitor or TV with countless other electromagnetic technology you might ask yourself why?   Do you think there will not be physical and emotional fall out?  We are in denial to the nth degree as a specie.  We are clearly not connected or listening to our body’s language and intuition. Re-establishing this primal and essential connection to our own body language and to our intuition and feelings, is part of the leap we are making right now in 2012.

Our wake up call is to wisely take in the facts and realize that our bodies are an electrical grid which absorbs all the energy we are exposed to.  Then we must responsibly position ourselves in places, with people, eating food and feeling emotions that are congruent with the higher vibrational frequencies of love, joy and compassion. We must learn to get rid of the excess energy as well as stay connected to the only place that grounds all our circuitry:  The Earth.

We can change two things.  We can construct our lives around health and good energy and clear out of what is not.  And we can change from the inside out. This is the key to everything.

The heart is the largest electromagnetic field in the body.  It emits a field outside our bodies, just like the Earth does.   If our hearts are closed out of fear or hurt, then the available energy is limited and our positive protective field around us is small.  If we focus on amplifying our heart energy instead of the energy of our thoughts, we then raise our vibrational frequency to a place where healing can happen, miracles occur, and where we can protect ourselves against negative energy and increase our life span, our joy and our aliveness. By doing this one thing for ourselves we affect every person around us.  This is how one person changes the world.

It is the inside-out process that is necessary to heal from any condition, as well as constructing a life that reflects smart thinking and care for our bodies, without whom we would not be here. It is this inside-outside process of accessing our unlimited energy of the heart that is the Warrior’s Path for this year of 2012.  It takes immense courage and faith and trust to do this in the world we have created.

Cultivating a practice of increasing heart energy is a commitment I am making to create health and longevity in my life, and most of all, to combat the negative effects of a planet in fear.  Fear is illness.  Fear is not a vibrational match to what it is to be a loving human being.  Our fearful thoughts, our images of fear on the TV or in Movies and that unnamable fear and anxiety that just seems to follow most of us like a cloud, can be neutralized with opening the channel to the heart and raising the vibrational frequency of our emotions, our thoughts and our actions. Then we will change our cellular nature and move in congruence with the evolution that is taking each of us onto a new path.

Our health requires that we make this leap.  Our very survival as a planet depends on it.

With Great Love.