Practicing Transformation

by Maya Christobel


I am hearing daily from so many people that they are feeling… “different”:  More sensitive, feeling body pains, getting ill, energized for some, sluggish for others. Tired but not sleeping. Overwhelmed but not knowing exactly why. All bodily responses to changing energetic fields all over the planet and in our solar system.  The answer is not sleeping pills or any conventional response.  We need an entirely new perspective.


It is no  longer possible to separate ourselves as if we are distinct from EVERY OTHER THING.  We are being affected daily by our Sun and Solar Flares, by Climate Change, by our Economy, our Friends, our Fears and our Dreams. Greece cannot have economic collapse and create a global fear response and we not feel it on the other side of the globe as we eat dinner.


So, we are being asked, if not required, to take a new position in our lives in order to integrate these new energies that are changing the very DNA of us as a species so that we not become ill in response. This sounds overwhelming and for some it is.  Confusing and it is at times. The natural response to change is usually a kind of “contraction” in our lives, a reactivity to fear, a stepping up of activity and problem solving.  This is no longer working.  The new response to these demands is to…relax.  Breath.  Walk.  Sleep.  Laugh and be in a place of Openness and Love.  Not easy as the lives we live swirl around us and the majority feel massive amounts of fear.


I remember reading about a woman who was attacked by a bear.  She was just in her tent minding her own business when out of left field a bear tore through her tent and began to drag her off to the woods to kill her.  Others had already died.  What she did was counter-intuitive to screaming and resisting.  She went silent and limp. She stopped resisting.  What happened next was astonishing.  The bear dropped her in the woods and walked away.  She was not unharmed, but she was alive.


I am finding that I have the opposite response to mounting tensions in the world, tensions in my life and personal crises.  I am not worrying or trying to “figure anything out”. I am not resisting.  That is very new for me and may have much to do with my choice to begin to live in the flow.  Allowing rather than pushing the river that rushes all around me.  My list of what I think I should do still sits mostly unaddressed as I put on my hat and grab my binoculars and go out to Lighthouse point to watch for the Orcas to come through.  Years ago I would have decided that I was in denial, crazy as a loon, lazy, afraid to face facts if I had done such a thing.  Now I am different.  I feel perfectly centered and none of the traditional triggers in my life that would have sent  me to bed sleepless or with a sore throat and a pounding heart seem to affect me in any of the usual ways.  And that undone list of “necessary responses” is till there and the world has not collapsed around me.  I have not become a bag lady.


The antidote to the psychotic times we live in is not to speed up…but to do exactly the opposite:  Slow down.  Slow way down so that the body can manage the energy that is presenting itself in a hundred new ways a day.  To stop our reactive resistance just like the woman who saved herself from the jaws of a bear.


The second cure for harrowing times is to change your mind.  The mind wants to solve the unsolvable and will use up all available energy trying to.  The way to stop this over-thinking, over-worrying, over-analyzing is to change your thoughts from “I am overwhelmed”, to “I have an opportunity for creativity”.  From “I am afraid”, to “I am practicing love and trust in this process of change”.  What these changed minds mean is that we are finally acknowledging that we are in control of our experience. Fear is the belief that we are not in control. What we intend to think really does change the outcome of our daily experience.


Many people all over the world are talking about the unprecedented times of spiritual, physical and emotional evolution we are in.  From CNN to Psychics we have a delicious array of input to help us navigate our changing times, changing relationships and emerging new world view.  Here is just one piece of writing that I think is helpful. It came to me from Marlene Swetlishoff.  Good, sound and inspiring guidance.


You are in a period of stillness awaiting the influx of greater energies that are soon to flood the Planet. Be receptive and open to these energies and absorb as much of them as you are able. Set your intention to receive in grace and ease and it will be so. Many changes continue to take place within your physical bodies and your DNA is being further activated. The next six months will bring through many revelations and a greater connection with your inner truths. 


Stay connected to your inner core essence and let it guide your way. This will help you to stay in the knowing of yourself and that which is important for you to follow for the highest and best outcomes in all that occurs in your daily living. In dealing with others, always look to meet them in the areas of common interest and endeavor to reflect to them your Light, and in turn, allow their Light to reflect back to you. You are in a period of igniting each other to the unfoldment of greater visions and dreams.


This will transpire in different ways for each of you and the outcomes will be wonderfully diverse as each of you express through your Beings that which is uniquely your own essence. Become each others greatest cheering teams, for much joy and laughter will facilitate the moving forward of each of you to your true and rightful place, as the shift of the ages continues to occur. Let go of all remaining fear and doubt, for all that comes through you is the merging of the higher aspects of yourselves. There will be prolonged periods of the feeling of joy that bursts from within you as you leave all that was behind you.


Stay grounded into the Earth each day as she will support you as the metamorphosis within you continues to take place. Drink copious amounts of fresh, clean water to help facilitate the movements of the new energies coming through you and be outdoors as much as possible. Practice deep breathing exercises each day to help move the new Pranic energies into your cells. Allow the expression of all that comes through you and observe what comes forth. You are reconnecting to skills, abilities and talents that have been dormant for a long time.”    Marlene Swetlishoff


So, in between sharing about my journey on this road I am on, I will be sending up a few flares for your consideration as we all float in this big boat of change.  What an exciting time to be in.


And again, I invite you to share your story with me.  How are you changing and what are you doing about it in your life? What are you learning?  We all need each other, as Marlene said, to cheer us on during this amazing time.


Blessings, Maya Christobel

The Year of Living Fearlessly

 2012.  This is an auspicious year.   For as long as recorded history has been speaking of it….2012 is the year we turn around.  The whole planet in a Universe of planets.

What does that mean?

Without delving into the historical literature about prophecy, or the Bible about its revelations or the Mayan Calendar which ends in November of this year, we can all feel that something is different in our world.  We feel it in our body, in our souls restlessness, in the headlines of the newspaper, in the climate, the medical revelations, in animal behavior, in the crumbling of some of our most sacred institutions and the disclosure that the governments here to protect us are doing just the opposite.  Disillusionment has set into the groundwater of who we imagined we were as a species, as an individual on this planet, and we are all asking questions that are revolutionary.

And doesn’t’ revolution simply mean a re-evolution or a turning around?  We are poised on re-evolution and this is the year that we will see a leap forward in human kinds evolution of soul, heart and body.  This re-evolution is in fact what it will take to keep humans living on this planet and living here in harmony, not in conflict, pain and suffering.

We can just be on for the ride of our lives and hang on by our fingernails, hoping to survive the earthquakes of change that are mounting or we can move into the flow of this unprecedented change.  We can resolve to bring forward in our lives all the awareness we can muster, all the faith that we can contain, all the courage we have an unlimited supply of, all the surrender and willingness it will take and we can do the changing necessary by our own hand.   Then this will be the most exhilarating ride of our lifetime.

And now we face a NEW year and we traditionally take inventory of our lives and make what we call Re-solutions.  Hmmm.   I am thinking that I will not make my new year’s resolutions but will intend to make my next year a year of re-evolution.

Resolve is what has been behind all those resolutions of the past, those RE-Solutions that we apply to the New Year when we have not yet achieved what we resolved to do the year before.  I have so many times, re-upped my commitment to loose weight, eat better, love more and save money.  I have reinstated my exercise regime and most of the time do a good job by the time the end of the year rolls around but always fall short of my ideal in some way.  So, then I have the GRACE of the new year to reestablish my commitment.  2012 needs something different than this level of commitment.

What if, just what if, we used this auspicious year to move to a new level of awareness and self-commitment?  What if we took the Lakota Death Teaching and applied it to 2012?  What if you asked yourself today, “If this year is the last year I have on Earth with those I love, how will I spend this year?  What will I do differently?  What is of true value in this world and what am I willing to do about it?”

When we drop the illusion that time is stretching out forever in front of us and adopt the awareness that time is an illusion, then we would all behave differently, every time the sun comes up and the sun sets, wouldn’t we?

AND there is one timeless truth.  There is one vibrational frequency that is never altered and is limitless, miraculous and transformative.  Love.  Love is the only elemental, energetic, cross-cultural, cross, specie wealth there is that does not die, change or destroy. Can we say this about anything else?  Is oil, gold, silver, diamonds or land eternal?   Have we harnessed this energy called LOVE as a planet or a person?

This year needs to be different for all of us!  Time does not stretch out in front of us endlessly.  Our resolve needs to be filled with the concept of evolving our most authentic self into a full expression of what it is to be living on this planet now, with the people we live with, with the circumstances we have created.  Nothing short of a willingness to fully evolve our un-evolved selves will do for this year of 2012.

What will that take?  It will take everything you are willing to give up and let go of in order to make space for everything you are.  This cannot be a year of simple solutions to clean the garage or learn to recycle.  These are all daily commitments that are important, but not what 2012 is entirely calling you to do.

This is a year to ask yourself;

“What am I not doing in my life that I need to do today?

What am I not saying that I need to say now?

Who and what do I love that I do not fully love, including my precious self?

What does the world need from me?

What gifts and talents do I have to offer that I am squandering?

What makes me deliriously happy that I need to do right away?

What is my soul’s purpose on this planet?”

These are the only questions worth asking as we move into our re-evolution, our re-solutions worth and these are the perfect questions to enter a year that proves to rearrange our vibrational frequency, throw open the door to hearts that have been closed, take down the negative influences that keep our blue planet crippled with fear and this is the year that we will each, in our own way, realize on a cellular level that we are not alone in this world.  This is the year that Love moves to the front of our lives in ways that we have yet to imagine.

So, my resolve for personal evolution this year is this:

To speak truthfully and honestly in every moment with every person I have the privilege of knowing,

To do the things I have been afraid to do,

To love with abandon and be fearless,

To create the things in my life that truly makes me happy.

This photo of an amazing new crop circle is the Phoenix.  A message?  Yes.  From whom?   It does not matter.  We simply must see and pay attention to how exquisite the beauty of this work of art is, that it is here for a reason and that in any moment I can take the image and ask myself “who is the Phoenix to me?”

That is what 2012 is about.  Rising up in the fullness of who we are from the ashes of the past and from the ashes of our own fear.   This is a new year of rebirth.  May our resolutions and resolve reflect our courage to birth a self that has just been waiting to see the light of day.  If not this year, When?

Happy New Year,

Happy new you.

Happy beginning of a new era.

Blessings, Maya


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